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Help for PDF Download

1. PDF Download isn't working. Why?

Perform these quick tests to make sure it is set up correctly:

  • Check the PDF Download extension installed in Firefox. Open Forefox, go to Tools > Add-ons and make sure PDF Download is listed.
  • Check PDF Download is configured. Click on the pdf here. If the PDF Download dialog pops up, it should be installed correctly.
  • Still having problems? Head to the user forum.

2. How do I uninstall the PDF Download extension?

Firefox or Flock:

  1. In Firefox, go to Tools > Add-ons.
  2. Click the PDF Download extension, and then click Uninstall.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Go to Windows > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Select PDF Download and click Remove.
  3. Click Yes and uninstall.

3. Does PDF Download only work with Adobe Reader?

No, not at all! PDF Download works with any PDF viewer. It uses your default PDF viewer, however, you can select a different viewer by going to the PDF Download options dialog. Go to Tools > PDF Download > Options > PDF Opening to change it.

4. How do I open PDF inside Firefox?

  1. Go to Tools > PDF Download > Options > PDF Opening.
  2. Click Use PDF plug-in.

5. Where can I find a PDF plugin?

Try these sites:

6. I get a "Could not find file" message when using the View as HTML feature. Why?

This is a known problem that most commonly occurs because the PDF file you have selected is behind a firewall or in a private intranet. In these cases, the server-side script that does the PDF to HTML conversion cannot reach the PDF file, instead giving you the message above.

7. Are there any security or privacy issues when using PDF Download extension?

No, of course not! We don't know who you are and your usage will always be totally anonymous.

8. Can I help PDF Download development?

We're always keen to hear from users. If you've found a bug, or have ideas to improve or extend functionality, please let us know.

9. Why doesn't the PDF Download extension use the same language of Firefox?

If this is the case, it probably means that PDF Download doesn't not yet support the language used in Firefox. See the translations page to help us translate into your language.

10. There was no answer here for question. What do I do now?

Head to the PDF Download Forum, look through the existing discussions, and if neccessary, post your own question.

11. When I use the View in HTML feature, is that HTML Web page stored online permanently?

No. It may appear as though we're caching the page permanently but it is only on our server temporarily. After around an hour it is permanently removed from the server. After which, if you return to the same URL to the page, the whole process is run again and the HTML is regenerated.

12. Does PDF Download convert authenticated (private) Web pages to PDF?

No. Web pages on sites that require you to login or set specific cookie session info (such as your date of birth) before accessing them cannot be converted using PDF Download. We are considering supporting Web-to-PDF functionality for these authenticated pages in a future release.

13. Why is a login or splash screen converted to PDF instead of the Web page I was trying to convert?

The Web-to-PDF feature does not currently support authenticated sessions. This means that Web pages on sites that require you to login or set specific cookie session info (such as your date of birth) before accessing them cannot be converted to PDF. This can result in the login or splash page being converted into a PDF, instead of the authenticated page you tried to convert.

14. What about my privacy? What does PDF Download do with the files I use it to convert?

PDF Download only works with files that are freely available to anyone on the Web -- therefore, it won't convert any PDF files or Web pages that are only accessible from authenticated sites that require you to login to access them. When you convert a Web page to PDF, the PDF is stored on our server for 1-2 hours. We do this so we don't need to convert it again, should you need to download it more than once. After that time it's permanently removed from our server. Our site collects only anonymous usage data -- data that in no way identifies you or how you are using PDF Download to convert Web pages and/or PDF files.

15. Can I remove PDF Download from my toolbar or move its position?

Yes, you can do both. You just need to use Firefox or Flock's built-in toolbar customization feature. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the toolbar area in your browser.
  2. In the drop-down list, click Customize.
  3. Do either of the following:
    To remove it, click and drag the PDF Download button onto the Customize Toolbar dialog.
    To move its position, click and drag it to a new location on the Navigation toolbar.

16. Why is PDF Download's Web-to-PDF feature better than using a PDF print driver?

Most print drivers are fairly hit and miss with web pages -- they're design to be all-round PDF converters. The technology behind PDF Download focuses on converting Web pages and recreating the precise layout of the web page using the pages HTML, CSS, etc. In addition, PDF Download retains all images, text and active hyperlinks.

17. How do I configure and customize PDF Download?

You do most of the configuration in the Options dialog.

Firefox or Flock:

  1. Go to Tools > PDF Download - Options.

Internet Explorer:

  1. On the toolbar, click on Tools and select PDF Download - Options.

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